Congratulations to Our Winning Films of 2017, presented at the Los Angeles Branch of the Anthroposophical Society of America in Pasadena, CA on April 1, 2017.

Our Pangaea Award is given to the film our jury, curator and audiences felt best exemplified the mission of wandering reel, by inspiring conversation around an important topic and demonstrating how the art of film can truly effect positive change.

Official Selections of the 2016/2017 WRTFF

In 2016 & 2017, 36 short films were showcased in the following programs: 


Young and old come together in this program that juxtaposes the wise nature of the elderly with the spirited vulnerability of youth. And oftentimes, vice versa.


Directed by Jannis Lenz

Synopsis: Images of parkour runners cut alongside a performance from poetry slammer, Fatima Moumouni about urban youth culture. One sees small groups of youth who apparently cannot be stopped by anyone or anything. Through spectacular tracking shots, director Jannis Lenz lends their breakneck actions over stairways, railings, and barricades, something entirely weightless, at time almost dance-like.

Country: Austria

Documentary ~ 9:00 minutes

70-some Years

Directed by Riley Hooper

Synopsis: Henry Bendinelli skied for 70-some years.

Country: United States

Documentary ~ 5:30 minutes

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Another Kind of Girl

Directed by Khaldiya

Living in Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan, 17-year-old Khaldiya meditates on how the refugee camp has opened up new horizons and given her a sense of courage that she lacked in Syria.

Documentary ~ 9:30 minutes

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Watch 'Another Kind of Girl' Here

Afternoon Tea

Directed by Maria Fredriksson

Synopsis: Four older ladies chat over tea about the impending end of their lives. With great openness and dry humor they speak of their past beauty, their present lack of energy and their worries about soon becoming a burden to their children.

Country: Sweden

Documentary ~ 13:00 minutes

Sali (Tuesday)

Directed by Ziya Demirel

Synopsis: An ordinary school day for a teenage girl in Istanbul and her encounters with three different men as she goes to school, plays basketball and takes a bus on the way home.

Country: Turkey/France

Narrative ~ 12:00 minutes

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Bacon & God's Wrath

Directed by Sol Friedman

Synopsis: A 90 year old Jewish woman reflects on her life's experiences as she prepares to try bacon for the first time.

Country: Canada

Documentary ~ 8:45 minutes

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Watch 'Bacon & God's Wrath' Here

Love. Love. Love.

Directed by Sandhya Daisy Sundaram

Synopsis: Through the endless winters, every year her love takes new shapes and forms. Set against the breathtaking Russian winter landscape, Love. Love. Love. is a film about a universal Russian woman and her big love. Experienced through many voices, from young girls to old Babooshkas, from cities to villages, it explores the common thread of 'love'.

Country: India/Russia

Documentary ~ 11:00 minutes

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Not your children’s fairy tales. These films are twists on old parables, exploring themes for a mature audience that include grief, the loss of innocence, and the blurred lines of dreams giving way to unfettered fantasy.

Sacha L'ours (Sacha the Bear)

Directed by Henri Desaunay

Synopsis: Playful, beautifully designed adaptation of the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Except this time, the bear comes to visit her.

Country: France

Narrative ~ 12:00 minutes


A Doll's House

Directed by Tobias Gundorff Boesen

Nora lives a perfect life, in her perfect home, with her perfect husband, Helmer. But something feels very wrong. Not all is what it looks to be, and outside the safe walls of the doll house, a disillusioned little girl struggles to make sense of her parents' relationship.

Country: Denmark

Narrative ~ 25:00 minutes

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Watch 'A Doll's House' Here

From The Stars

Directed by Kristian Landmark

Synopsis: It is an ordinary, cold winter day for Gustav when a small meteor suddenly bursts through his outdoor loo. And if this shocking experience isn't enough, it's like the little black stone has a life of its own.

Country: Norway

Narrative ~ 10:00 minutes

Os Vivos Tambem Choram (The Living Also Cry)

Directed by Basil Da Cunha

Synopsis: Ze is a dockworker in Lisbon. He watches enviously the ships he will never board. He dreams of leaving his wife and the slum. He has been saving money in secret to travel to Sweden. But one night he gets home to discover that his wife found his savings and spent them on a new washing machine.

Country: Switzerland/Portugal

Narrative ~ 31:00 minutes



Immigration and climate change are two of the biggest issues facing the world today. This collection of inspiring films delve deep into some of our current problems and show that human compassion, curiosity, and a little mobilized action can go a long way to making the world a better place.


Directed by Eva Riley


Synopsis: Against the backdrop of simmering racial tensions within her rural English town, the life of eleven-year-old Hannah changes forever when she meets a boy from a mysterious and forbidden world.

Country: United Kingdom

Narrative ~ 15:00 minutes

For My Friends in Detention

Directed by Zebedee Parkes

Synopsis: A short documentary that examines the impact of refugee activism in Australia has on people on both sides of the fence.

Country: Australia

Documentary ~ 11:45 minutes



Directed by Caroline Monnet

Synopsis: An exhilarating journey from the far north to the urban south, capturing the perpetual negotiation between the traditional and the modern by a people moving ever forward.

Country: Canada

Documentary ~ 3:30 minutes

Forget Shorter Showers

Directed by Jordan Brown

Synopsis: Would any sane person think dumpster diving would have stopped Hitler, or that composting would have ended slavery or brought about the eight-hour workday? Then why now, with all the world at stake, do so many people retreat to these entirely personal "solutions"? Why are these solutions not sufficient? What can be done instead to actually stop the murder of the planet?

Country: Australia

Documentary ~ 11:00 minutes

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Watch 'Forget Shorter Showers' Here

Bright Spots

Directed by Jilli Rose

Synopsis: A poetic portrait of scientist Nick Holmes and his work preventing extinctions on islands.

Country: Australia

Animation ~ 7:45 minutes

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Watch 'Bright Spots' Here

Teen Press

Directed by T.C. Johnstone

Synopsis: A short documentary about the Santa Barbara "TEEN PRESS" journalism program. Seven years ago two visionary teachers started the program to teach kids about celebrity, character, and leadership. In a unique twist of fate the kids soon found themselves conducting interviews with some of the world's most sought after celebrities and world leaders..

Country: United States

Documentary ~ 30:00 minutes

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Does our work define who we are? And how does that identity affect our community and the people around us? In this program, we learn lessons from a prizefighter, a half blind photographer, an aging steam plant worker, a determined composer, a teenage refugee, and a depressed psychiatrist about the work we do and how personal legacy can inspire more than just individual success.

El Tigre

Directed by John Urbano

Synopsis: The story of legendary two-time world champion Panamanian boxer Ismael Laguna's mischievous childhood and his discovery during an impromptu match on the beach versus tough-man Carlos Watson.

Country: United States/Dominican Republic

Narrative ~ 15:00 minutes


Directed by Riley Hooper

Synopsis: Despite blindness, Multiple Sclerosis, and lung cancer, photographer Flo Fox continues to shoot the streets of New York City. No longer able to hold a camera, she instructs her aides to take photos for her.

Country: United States

Documentary ~ 9:45 minutes

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Directed by Dawn Dreyer & Andrea Love

Synopsis: Dr. Zenglo Chen was four when his parents disappeared, victims of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Through Zenglo's own words and exquisitely crafted hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, Fear considers the tensions between fear and safety; faith and psychology; Chinese and American identity; and acceptance and healing.

Country: United States

Animation ~ 7:30 minutes

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Directed by Venetia Taylor

Synopsis: This woman needs help. A very short comedy about regret.

Country: Australia

Narrative ~ 1:30 minutes

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Heavy Fog Tonight

Directed by Nathan Reich

Synopsis: Conrad Milster, 79, chief engineer since 1967 at New York City's oldest running steam power plant, prepares for his last annual steam whistle show.

Country: United States

Documentary ~ 19:00 minutes

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Snø (Snow)

Directed by Hans Otto Nicolayssen

Synopsis: A composer tries to capture the sound of snow.

Country: Norway

Narrative ~ 10:00 minutes



The Real Work

Directed by Jamie McCallum

Synopsis: A video essay that interrogates the concept of "hard work" through interviews and a social experiment in which 15 people dig holes in a field during a tempestuous Vermont day.

Country: United States

Documentary ~ 5:00 minutes



We as a people live on top of each other and next to each other and yet so often we are defined by our differences and desires to remain divided. “We All We Got” explores this division, highlighting the importance of community and the infinite strength we can only build together.

A New Home

Directed by Žiga Virc

Synopsis: What is the biggest danger Europe faces: the crisis on its borders, or its own paranoia and fear? Our protagonist drives to work, she passes the refugee tent city in the park. She means them no harm; they mean her no harm. So shy, when their paths intersect, do things go catastrophically wrong?

Country: Slovenia

Narrative ~ 14:00 minutes

Pink Boy

Directed by Eric Rockey

Synopsis: BJ, a butch lesbian, successfully avoided dresses her entire life until she and her partner Sherrie adopted Jeffrey, who starts to dance in gowns and perform for his parents. Now that six-year old Jeffrey wishes to dress up in public, BJ must navigate where it is safe for him in conservative rural Florida.

Country: United States

Documentary ~ 14:45 minutes

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Watch 'Pink Boy' Here

Good White People

Directed by Jarrod Welling-Cann & Erick Stoll

Synopsis: The struggle for the soul of a historic Cincinnati neighborhood comes to an end as gentrification displaces the longtime black residents featured in this hard-hitting, emotionally resonant documentary.

Country: United States

Documentary ~ 16:00 minutes

We All We Got

Directed by Carlos Javier Ortiz

Synopsis: Captures the poetic language of the streets: police helicopters flying over the city, music popping out of cars, people talking shit on the street corners, ambulances on the run, and preachers hollering for the violence to stop after another young man is senselessly gunned down in the streets of Chicago.

Country: United States

Documentary ~ 9:00 minutes

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Zero M2

Directed by Matthieu Landour

Synopsis: Set in Paris, Zero M2 follows a young student coming to grips with the architectural intricacies of a rather odd apartment building.

Country: France

Narrative ~ 19:00 minutes


Special Screening Films

A Certain Kind of Light

Directed by Brandon Vedder

At 93 years old, Wilber “Wil” Alexander has sat at the bedside of the sick and the dying for the last 40 years, inviting the wounded to tell their stories, walking alongside them and aiding in their search for meaning. Wil cares for sick, wounded and terminal patients without science or modern technology. His main concern is their individual story and helping them untangle its complexities to encounter meaning.

He asserts that spirituality weaves throughout all other areas of one's being, making it very dangerous to ignore in a healing setting.  Wil wields story like a gifted surgeon does a scalpel in these masterly, nuanced and spirit-lead sessions. These sessions dive to a unique depth with higher stakes as Wil's personal health wains in a way that puts him face to face with his own mortality.

Country: United States

Documentary ~ 37:00 minutes

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A Certain Kind of Light is programmed as a solo screening film for private events or paired with a Curator's Choice of selections from our regular film programs for community screenings upon request.


Another Kind of Girl Collective

In response to the mainstream media reporting of the refugee experience, two workshops were organized to give Syrian girls living as refugees in Jordan cameras and the chance to tell their own stories. The workshops, one in Jordan’s Za’atari Refugee Camp and the other in the city of Irbid in northern Jordan, engaged Syrian girls in artistic and technical training in photo and video to reflect on and tell their own stories in first person. With cameras, microphones and pens in hand, the girls set out to document their everyday lives – how it looks, feels and sounds from the ground, at the heart of their world.

For these girls, storytelling offers the possibility not just to change the trajectories of their own personal stories but to offer this possibility of change to other girls, and to give alternative ways of seeing to people in their communities and to the world beyond.

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Films: Another Kind of Girl, The Girl Whose Shadow Reflects the Moon, Dreams Without Borders, Children, The Silence of Nature, Barriers of Separation, The Long Road

Total Runtime: 36:00

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Note: Each of our regular programs feature one film from the Another Kind of Girl Collective. This collective are also show together as a special screening, which is the best way to view them.


Teen Press

Directed by T.C. Johnstone

A short documentary about the Santa Barbara "TEEN PRESS" journalism program. Seven years ago two visionary teachers started the program to teach kids about celebrity, character, and leadership. In a unique twist of fate the kids soon found themselves conducting interviews with some of the world's most sought after celebrities and world leaders.

Teen Press is featured in our 'Mobilize' program but will also be offered as a special screening film to schools, after school programs, teacher conferences, journalism classes & clubs and anyone who might be interested in starting Teen Press programs in their own community.

Country: United States

Runtime: 30:00

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Note: "Teen Press" is featured in our Mobilize program but is also programmed as a solo screening for schools and can be paired as part of a special education program with either "Another Kind of Girl Collective" or a Curator's Choice of films from our five regular film programs by request.