Community Programs

Our Community Film Programs are especially designed to serve communities that do not have great exposure to short films, art films, international films and films made with compassion and consciousness. We offer several different themed programs to choose from. Venues can choose a single evening's program or all of our programs for a weekend's worth of festivities.

While independent, art house theaters are perfect environments for our programs, we will screen anywhere that a hungry audience can gather, watch and discuss our films. We have shown in cafes, breweries, art centers, photography studios, churches and living rooms

Preview Screenings

Do you represent a club (film, business, activist, etc),  church, school, or any other type of organization in a community we're visiting? If so, we'd love to schedule a preview screening for your members in the days leading up to our festival in your town. Our goal is to engage each community we visit as deeply as possible, and this is a great opportunity to reach more people.

Private Screenings

In addition to public community screenings, we offer private visitations to retirement homes, rehab facilities, prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters and any institution, public or private, that has an audience that would enjoy and benefit from seeing our films.

For more information on public or private programming for communities, please email us at



What does a WRTFF community screening involve?

WRTFF makes arrangements with a host venue. Our curator comes to that venue on the selected date(s) with a program(s) of films to screen for the local community. He/she introduces the films and answers questions from the audience while also allowing audience members to speak about how the films connect to them and their local community. Whenever possible, we try to reach out to local artists, schools and like-minded organizations to attend the screening and add their voices to the conversation. We want this to be more than a night out at the movies, but a way for people within the community to connect with each other and share ideas to make their town/city/region/world a better place.

What’s the difference between a single night screening and weekend long event?

Firstly, the amount of programs we show. We typically offer 3 – 5 different programs of films each year. Some venues only host one screening, meaning they choose one of our programs for a single night event. However, we love to show all of our films within the same community and draw as many connections between the content of the films with the local communities themselves as we can. By spending more time in a community we can connect with local artists and like-minded individuals and organizations to further deepen our experience and the experience of the audience. We try to partner with local artists to use our event as a way to promote their art as well, be it a local gallery opening, musical performance or a showcase of local student films. In a word, weekend long Wandering Reel events are far more festive because we have more time to engage on a deeper level.

How long does a screening event typically last?

About 2 hours. However, this varies based on audience participation. We usually screen 60 – 80 minutes worth of short films (individual films typically range from 4 - 30 minutes) in any given program. Add on an introduction by our curator and the Q&A conversation with the audience and the program time runs about 2 to 2 ½ hours.

What does a WRTFF ticket cost?

This depends on the venue that is hosting the event, but the range is typically $5 - $15 per screening, often with discounts for students and seniors. However, whenever possible we strive to make our screenings free or per donation. Local sponsors and individual donations go a long way in making this happen and at the very least keeping our ticket prices low. We encourage everyone to come to our screenings and never turn anyone away because they can’t afford to pay the cover price.

Are your programs appropriate for all ages?

In short, no. While most of our films are not specifically inappropriate for children, they’re not usually geared toward kids. Many explore heavy topics and adult issues. We do offer a program designed with all ages in mind, especially families and young people under age 18.

I’m an expert in one of the subjects your film(s) explore. Can I be a guest speaker at an event?

Yes! We’d love to have your voice highlighted at the screening. Contact us and our tour curator will fill you in on all the details.

Do you offer private screenings?

Yes. If you represent an organization, or public or private institution that would like to have WRTFF screen for you when we come to your community, we’d love to do that. Contact us for more information. We offer private screenings at prisons, hospitals, retirement homes, rehab clinics, homeless shelters, community clubs such as Rotary or Eagles, and for anyone that has a strong desire to bring WRTFF to their members/residents. This can be a short preview screening to encourage your members to come to our community screenings or a longer private screening for people who cannot make the community event.

Do you screen at schools?

Absolutely. Check out our page about educational programming to learn more.

When are you coming to my community?

Check out our tour calendar here to find out.

Your tour comes near my community but isn’t coming to my town. What’s up with that?

Perhaps we didn’t know what a great, hungry for meaningful film community you have. Perhaps we didn’t know about the great venue in your community to host our films. Perhaps we didn’t have a great contact on the ground in your community to help get the ball rolling. Fear not. Contact us straight away and help set something up. Maybe we can fit you in to our up-coming tour. If not, we’d love to come through next time. Or maybe you want to host our films yourself…

You’re not coming to my area :(. Can I host my own WRTFF screening?

Absolutely! Contact us or check out our host guidelines to learn how.