Wandering Reel is a traveling short film festival with a focus on bringing meaningful films to communities with limited or no access to compassionate, thought-provoking cinema. We strive to engage our audiences in deeper conversation about the role of cinema, and how films can relate to community, conscious living, and contribute to making the world a stronger and more unified place.


Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our last fundraiser. Your generous contributors helped us meet our goals, which directly contributed to the great success of our fall 2016 and winter 2017 tours.

We are currently raising funds to support our Spring 2018 Tour! All monetary donations are tax deductible and go directly to building Wandering Reel programs and supporting our festival tour. Every dollar helps bring our festival to another community or school. Your donation directly helps fund: travel expenses like gas and housing, film programming fees, venue costs, equipment purchases, filmmaker award grants and more. 

Here's a few items your generous (tax-deductible) contribution will help fund:

$1000 ~ Printing Color Programs for Our Fall Tour.

$500 ~ Gasoline for our Pacific Coast Tour.

$250 ~ Venue Rental. Rents a 200 seat community theatre to showcase our wonderful films. This allows us more control over ticket pricing. Our goal is to never turn away anyone because they can't afford a ticket.

$100 ~ Lodging for a night

$50 ~ Three meals on the road.

Donate now to ensure our tour is a great success.


If you'd prefer to send us a check, please make payable to our partner non-profit 501c3, 'WeStrive' with 'Wandering Reel' in the subject line and mail to:

8640 Petit Ave #238 Northridge, CA 91343

Non-Monetary Contributions

We would be thrilled for any and all non-monetary contributions. If we're coming to your community and you'd like to put our curator up for the night, please let us know. If you have any of the equipment we need that you can loan or donate, please let us know. Every donation of goods directly off-sets a line in our budget. Gift cards and certificates for gas and lodging are most welcome.

Here are a few key items we are looking for (hyperlink to examples):

Inquiries to: info@wanderingreel.org