Host Guidelines

If you are interested in presenting a Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival (WRTFF) program, please review the host guidelines below. Here you will see our options for hosting packages, the cost for our packages, how to apply, what you are responsible for, and what the festival package includes.

Unlike many other festivals, we offer two different options for hosting WRTFF programs:

Tour screening:  We come to you and present our whole program, or specific selections of our programs.

Pop-Up Screening:  We send you the films and supporting materials and you present the event. You choose one of our four ready-built, themed-programs or build a custom film program from our menu of 30+ films and we send it formatted and ready to go on one DVD, BluRay or Flash drive.

How to Get Started:

1.     Carefully review the WRTFF guidelines.

2.     Consider when and where you would have the event (you do not need an exact date to apply but you do need a secure venue).

3.     Complete a WRTFF tour application. Available upon request at

4.     Send your application to the tour manager. Applications must be received at least 3 months prior to the date you wish to hold your event. Final deadline is March 15th, 2017.

5.     Your event MUST take place between October 1st, 2017 – April 1st, 2018 – that gives you 6 months!

6.     We encourage you to allow a 3-month planning window.

7.     Upon tour inclusion approval, you must submit a $150 deposit and signed contract within 30-days to reserve your program!

8.     Once under contract, you’ll be sent the WRTFF “Festival Kit” including all the promotional and technical materials to get started, if applicable.

Flat Rate Program Fees:

The festival package varies on cost depending on the number of programs procured. Fee schedule as follows (additional fees required for events presented by WRTFF curator, tour screenings and/or special screenings):

      1 Program = $250

      2 Programs = $500

      3 Programs = $700

      4 Programs = $850

      5 Programs = $950 (when available)

      Additional $200 presenter fee required for events presented by WRTFF Curator.

      For some venues included on the WRTFF tour, we may offer a split door revenue sharing option.


What the Host Provides:

      Securing a screening space with chairs

      Pop-Up Screenings: Screening equipment including digital projector, projection screen, and sound PA system

      Local marketing support, including printing event posters and distribution support in community

      Procuring fee to rent venue



      Organizing other special events connected to festival, i.e. reception, music, food, wine/beer, kid’s program, etcetera…

      Organizing support staff and volunteers

      Set-up and clean up support for event


What We Provide:

      The film program (on DVD, BluRay, flash drive or .mov digital download)

      Printed promotional information for the event

      Online marketing support through our website and social media

      Digital marketing materials/press kit for venue to use (including event posters to be printed and distributed by venue)

      WRTFF representatives available for radio, newspaper, and other interviews prior to programmatic screenings (small towns seem to love them)

What We Provide When On Tour:

      A presenter to introduce films and lead Q&A discussion

      Projector and Sound PA (if needed, for an additional fee)


In General:

      WRTFF requires at 50% ticket share for venues not paying flat rate (fee option only available for tour screenings)

      WRTFF requires 75% of ticket sales for venues selling concessions and/or not providing their own screening equipment

      WRTFF requires 50% of Local Sponsorship Revenue for Ticketed & Free Events acquired by Venue

      WRTFF requires 75% of Local Sponsorship it Acquires for Ticketed & Free Events through Venue contacts

      Venues that Pay Flat Rate for WRTFF events keep all local sponsorship revenue they acquire

      WRTFF keeps 100% of all ticket/door revenue and local sponsorship revenue for rented event spaces.

      Any print or radio ads are covered by the venue or underwritten sponsorship.


Tour Includes:

      Status as an official WRTFF tour venue.

      80 - 90 minutes of films per program for a one-time screening.

      Choose from our four uniquely themed programs. Or...

      A custom-designed film program from a menu of 30+ films (when available). Build a longer program, or expand to two days, for a minimal charge (inquire for details).

      We pre-screen over 200 inspiring films each year and bring the best onto our programs.

      Read bios, watch trailers and short films at our Online Screening Page. Makes it easy to pick films for your program.

      Full-length versions may be available for preview online (URL & password provided once under contract).

      Once built, film program arrives on a ready to play DVD, BluRay, Flash Drive or via digital download.

      All filmmaker contracts and film licensing fees are handled by WRTFF. All you do is pick the films you want in your program.

      A comprehensive Tool Kit with all the guidelines including execution, timelines & organizational checklists

      Promotional and Media Guidelines

      Technical and Digital Guidelines

      Sponsorship Guidelines

      Sample press release

      Outreach strategies for reaching “past the choir”

      Ideas for “dressing up” your event

      Resources for contacting filmmakers for interviews.

      On-call support from the festival’s tour manager.

Tour Goals:

      Bring international and independent, short form film to communities without access

      Use short, purposeful cinema as a forum to inform as well as inspire conversation and collaboration within communities and across cultures

      Provide an outreach tool for bringing together a diverse audience

      Build a Grassroots Network of film, social justice and activists organizations

How to Cover Event Costs:

      Sell tickets (suggested: $8 - $12)

      Solicit Sponsorship ($100 - $500 per sponsor)

      Sell raffle tickets or hold a silent auction

      Sell advertising in the event printed program

      Cash concessions (get refreshments donated)

      Get venue & equipment donated or discounted!

For more information contact the Program Director of WRTFF at or (971) 319-4407.