About Our Programs

We offer five dynamic short film programs, all of which encompass the greater themes and mission of Wandering Reel. While each of these programs is offered individually, a hodgepodge (Curator’s Choice) of films taken from each program can also be requested for a more broad screening experience.

2015 Program Themes

A Call To Action

From inspiring initiatives to human struggles we don’t want to confront but need to know about, these films not only inform, but ask us to discuss our view of human progress, social justice and change worth standing up for.

Films: Brooklyn Farmer, My Saltwater Sanctuary, Godka Cirka, Good Karma $1, The Last Mile: Inside San Quentin's Tech Incubator


In an ever more globalized world, we are forced to confront our differences more and more. “Encounters” explores how the cultural, racial and spiritual differences between us as human beings can lead to some surprising interactions, challenging our notion of diversity altogether.

Films: Stop, First World Problems, Discipline, Bottle, Love Comes Later, Hitler in the Opera, Passengers

Family Matters

Family is the center of most cultures around the world and at the heart of this program. These films examine an array of human issues and how our relationship with loved ones plays a role in shaping our every day lives for better or for worse.

Films: Guest Room, Baby Mary, The Hero Pose, Animals I Killed Last Summer, The Distant Touch, Volta, Dotty, I Think This is Closest to How The Footage Looked, Birthday

(Invisible) Borders

Our nations are divided along invisible lines and sometimes even our communities within. But why? In an ever more globalized world, invisible borders decrease in meaning but have perhaps never contributed to more human strife.

Films: Crossing Salween, La Carnada, What About Me?, Xenos, Maddogin', Le Puits (The Well)

Pushing Boundaries

“Think outside the box” is an old cliché that asks us to discover and challenge our boundaries of perception and experience. These vivid and imaginative films certainly do that as they push beyond the confines of narrative filmmaking to explore the complexities of the human condition, leaving the viewer wondering why but wanting more.

Films: Sudd (Out of Erasers), Trotteur, House On its Head, Next Floor, The Chair, Magnetic Reconnection