Michael Harrington - Founder/ Festival Director

A bit of a wandering reel himself, Mike’s vagabond lifestyle no doubt served as some of the inspiration for the festival. In addition to making his own short films, teaching cinema and working in nearly every area of the movie industry over the last fifteen years, he is an avid storyteller and can sometimes be seen strumming a guitar on the sandy steps of the Pacific ocean. For five years, Mike served the Big Sur International Short Film Series, bringing many of the world’s greatest short films to one of its most stunning film venues. With the Wandering Reel, he hopes to personally deliver this magical, oft forgot art form, to as many wonderful, magical places as possible.

Matthew Temple - Founder/Executive Director

Matthew Temple has long stood at the crossroads of art and social action–his work and passion split between telling stories and participating in the creation of new paradigms wherein new stories for the future can be created. As a storyteller, he works as an actor, screenwriter, director and producer in Los Angeles, CA and in his early days, he was a performer/singer/songwriter with the a cappella trio Voicewell. As a social entrepreneur, he is the founder and president of WeStrive and spent many years organizing youth conferences around the globe. Temple currently continues his work with WeStrive and is VP of Production and Development for Mili Pictures Worldwide.

Leslie Loy - Senior Advisor

Leslie Loy has been an avid film viewer since she was allowed to see her first film-Fantasia, when it was re-released back in 1990--in theater. At the time, she was enthralled with the entire movie-going experience (the lights, the velvet-covered seats, the emotional rollercoaster ride, the sound) and began to sneak peeks at pirated VHS movies whenever she could behind her parents' back well into her teens. Now, as an adult, she likes to work and organize events, and spends her days daydreaming of new, interesting, and innovative ways for people to come together, learn, and play. When WeStrive decided to sponsor a traveling film festival, she was excited to support the effort and to find new ways of working with others, sharing art and inspiration.

Kadie Spinks -Programmer/Festival Advisor

KD’s a filmmaker currently based in Texas. She's responsible for many of the graphics, video editing, and unseen but essential work that makes Wandering Reel thrive.