Program 2: Encounters

In an ever more globalized world, we are forced to confront our differences more and more. “Encounters” explores how the cultural, racial and spiritual differences between us as human beings can lead to some surprising interactions, challenging our notion of diversity altogether.

Total Program Runtime = 82 minutes



Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green

Synopsis: A young man's livelihood is put to the test when he gets profiled and stopped by the police on his way home from practice.

Runtime: 9:05 minutes



First World Problems

Directed by Hanna Maylett

Synopsis: A tired housewife loses her car in a shopping mall and her world collapses. Thank God there is ice cream. A trolley collector offers her help. Sometimes problems can open a door to a whole new world.

Runtime: 6:31 minutes





Directed by Christophe M. Saber


Synopsis: It’s 9:30pm in a grocery store in Lausanne, Switzerland. The place is run by Egyptians. In a moment of anger, a father looses patience and disciplines his disobedient child. A shocked customer immediately intervenes to express her concern. Other customers join the conversation, they each put in their two cents and the staff is swamped. This discussion turns into a debate, which into quarrel. The situation gradually gets out of hand and into chaos...

Runtime: 11:00 minutes





Directed by Kirsten Lepore

Synopsis: Animated on location at a beach, in the snow, and underwater, this stop-motion short details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle.

Runtime: 5:25 minutes






Love Comes Later

Directed by Sonejuhi Sinha

Synopsis: America, the land of opportunity, attracts immigrants from every corner of the world. An ambitious young immigrant, Riz, works at a small motel in pursuit of her American dream. When an unexpected discovery confronts Riz with the consequences of being undocumented, she is forced to make a life changing decision.

Runtime: 10:00 minutes




Hitler in the Opera

Directed by Michal Gryzybowski

Synopsis: Aaron, a quiet, introverted Israeli opera singer, arrives in a little theatre in rural Poland to give a guest performance. He doesn’t feel comfortable in the country where Jews suffered so much but he tries to integrate with the crew. During one of the rehearsals, he feels that somebody is watching him. To his horror, the man he notices behind the curtain looks like…Adolf Hitler.

Runtime: 28:41 minutes



Directed y J.T. Walker

Synopsis: Beneath a gray city, a floating feather momentarily connects a train full of strangers.

Runtime: 8:00 minutes