What People Are Saying About WRTFF

"I think that the gem in WRTFF is that it's a high quality experience--the films, the conversation, the people it tends to draw... the authenticity and exchange is outstanding. That's largely because of how [the festival founders] have held and shaped it--and that's the most amazing part. You're not putting on a show of entertainment, you're putting on an experience that moves people. That's where change comes from."

~Leslie Loy, Festival Advisor

From Filmmakers:

"The Wandering Reel festival is a one of a kind festival. I've always had fantasies of touring around the country with a band like a rock star -- with Wandering Reel, filmmakers get to do just that. You get to screen your film to different audiences in different cities around the country. I wholeheartedly recommend to any young filmmakers looking to get eyeballs on their work."

~Reinaldo Marcus Green, Filmmaker (Director of the award winning film, "Stop")


"Our short film "Birthday" was able to reach SO many more audiences in the U.S. because of Wandering Reel.  And these were engaged audiences who care about film and how they can incite conversations on topics people are passionate about. Kudos to Wandering Reel for bringing compassionate cinema to the people!"

~Chris King, Filmmaker (director of the award winning film, "Birthday")

"The Wandering Reel reminded me of why I started making films in the first place: it is possible to change people lives through thoughtful art and moving art."
~Philippe Vaucher, Filmmaker (director of the award winning film, "Le Puits")


From Venue Owners:

"The Wandering Reel were wonderful to work with and our patrons were pleased to have thought provoking, carefully selected films right in our little theater. We had lively discussions and insight to the films moderated by the curator, Michael Harrington. It all made for a wonderful night and gave our little town a touch of culture generally reserved for larger cities and venues."

~Wayd Drake, Theater Manager - Barnstormers Theater, Grants Pass, OR

“Wandering Reel represents a missing link for many audiences who are never exposed to short form moving images — the quality shorts on display go light-years beyond the cat videos littering the inter web, even if most audiences have never dared pay for a short video on iTunes. Having a curator provide background on the films and filmmakers is an invaluable experience for viewer as well.”

~Michael Falter, Owner - City Lights Cinema Florence, OR

"The two programs we ran with Wandering Reel in Spring 2016 were easy to do, profitable and extremely well received.  Michael Harrington led excellent, thought-provoking discussions after each one. We're looking forward to having Wandering Reel back next year with a new program I expect will be just as great."

~Lissa Weinmann, Owner - 118 Elliot, Brattleboro, VT


From Our Audience:

"My experience at Wandering Reel was as much an educational experience as it was entertaining. It brought me deeper into the film making process by having some of the directors and actors of the short films there to talk about their work and answer questions as well as discuss the broader social impact of the films with other audience members. I give it 2 thumbs way up!"

~Levi Strom, Echo Park Film Center screening, Los Angeles, CA, March 2016

"I was taken by the conversations that the films that we saw spurred.  I'm maybe jaded, but I I fear a lot of presentations fall on deaf ears. This one, however, was an inspiring mix of stunning film and then conversations that brought what we saw into a context that we could discuss as a group.  It was a small group, but the ideas and connections drawn by the audience and the presenter were brilliant, and something I remember even now, months and months later."

~Keely Richter, Press Club screening, Seaside, CA, November 2015

"Anyone with a short attention span, like myself, should definitely check out the Wandering Reel. I attended the "Family Matters" series in Grants Pass Oregon. It was fantastic! Several short films dealing with a variety of family issues, and the incredible ways in which, each family coped. It was incredible to me how much information was delivered in such a short span. Having never seen a short film before, I can now say I am a lifetime fan of the short film. It was captivating, entertaining, educational and overall a great experience. The Wandering Reel is a must see."

~Kathy Woods, Barnstormers Theater screening, Grants Pass, OR, November 2015