Submissions are now closed. Submissions for our 4th season will open April 1, 2018.

Submit A Film

Films and filmmakers are the heart and soul of Wandering Reel. We are looking for resonant, thought-provoking movies that embody the greater themes and mission of our festival. We like every style and genre of film just so long as it is made with compassion and purpose and demonstrates the power of the medium to effect change and inspire conversation.

Submit by May 1st and take advantage of our Early Bird Deadline and save some $$$. Our Final Deadline is July 1st. Accepted films will be notified in August.

Submission Requirements

We require only that films, in some way big or small, address the greater mission and themes of the festival. Remember, we are looking for evocative and artful films that really demonstrate the power of cinema to not only effect change, but tell stories and engage an audience on an emotional or cerebral level.

Here are some more helpful guidelines:

·      We prefer short films of no more than 40 minutes long.

·      Narrative, documentary, animation and art films will all be considered. 

·      If your film is experimental, we hope it has a narrative pulse.

·      We love comedies as much as dramas and any other genre.

·      Genre films or art films that tell a deeper story or purvey an important message fit nicely in our wheelhouse.

·      Diverse and international films are of high demand.

·      First time and veteran filmmakers alike are encouraged to submit. Likewise, films made this year are as welcomed as those made a decade or more ago. We even often award "timeless" films, those made more than five years ago.

·      Films made on a budget that have heart and integrity are highly encouraged.

·      Films not in the English language are encouraged to provide subtitles.

·      Student films are more than welcomed and get a discount on submission fees. 

If selected, we ask filmmakers to provide an artistic statement and answer a Q&A with our curator who will introduce and facilitate discussion with the audience after each screening. We encourage filmmakers to attend as many screenings as possible. When possible, we will Skype in filmmakers for Q&A sessions with our audience.

When submitting to the Wandering Reel please understand that you are granting the festival permission to screen your film on a variety of dates throughout our entire touring season (roughly October - April). We will use stills, trailers and other promotional material to help generate as large of an audience as possible at each screening. While we are working toward offering royalties and other financial incentives for our filmmakers, we currently are not able to provide monetary compensation for the films we curate.

Thank You For Your Inspiring Work!

Not a filmmaker, but maybe you’ve recently seen a film that is perfect for our program? Please draw it to our attention. We are always on the lookout for the best films possible to include.

While we currently only program short films, we will consider the right feature film on occasion as well. Please email for more information.



Art is difficult. Filmmaking is difficult and expensive. Wandering Reel believes that great art should be affirmed and that conscious independent filmmakers should be rewarded for their work and encouraged to continue making meaningful cinema. At the end of each season, our "Pangaea" award will be presented to the film our audience, curators and programmers feel speaks best to the theme of bringing the world together through the power of cinema. We also recognize films in a number of other categories including "Curator's Choice" and "Audience Impact" awards. Winners will receive special recognition on our website and at our end of season screening in Los Angeles, CA.

You can take a look at last year's winners here.

We are also working to raise cash prizes and grants to be awarded as further encouragement for meaningful, conscious filmmaking.


Online submissions are preferred. They save postage and are friendly to our environment. But if you'd prefer to submit a DVD or Flash Drive with an mp4 or .mov file (h.264 compression), please send to:

  Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival                                                                                       8640 Petit Ave #238 Northridge, CA 91343

Include the full title of your film, the director's name, country of origin, running time, contact information and a brief statement as to how your film demonstrates the themes and mission of the Wandering Reel Film Festival. Please provide a suggested donation of $10 for each film and make checks payable to "WeStrive" with "Wandering Reel" included in the subject line. All submission fees go directly to the costs of maintaining and growing the Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival. Unlike other film festivals, the more funds we raise, the more venues we can reach and the more people that will see your film.

While we request a small donation for all submissions, if you feel your film is appropriate for our festival and cannot contribute financially, please email us so we can consider a waiver and view your film. High school students may submit for free.