About Teen Press

Teen Press is a short documentary and a nation-wide middle school program that uses journalism as a way to teach kids how to question, listen and truly engage with another person. The program, which comes with an electronic curriculum, can be either self-structured or workshop-led by the program's Co-Founder, John Seigel Boettner.

Wandering Reel included this short documentary in our 2016 program. We hope it will inspire teachers to start Teen Press groups around the nation. We’d love to collaborate in anyway we can to make this happen, ideally culminating in Teen Press groups 'covering' the Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival when we come to your community. As you will see in the “Teen Press” movie, it was a film festival in Santa Barbara that gave birth to Teen Press. A film festival provides a focused goal for a classroom and a terrific opportunity for filmmakers to experience the magic that happens when kids ask the questions.

Watch the Teen Press trailer:

If you think you're interested in exploring a Teen Press program for your school, please us me know and we will connect you directly with the program coordinators. If you’d like to know more about how your students might be involved in our film festival when we visit your community, we’d be happy to talk more in depth about that as well.

Learn more about Teen Press at teenpressthemovie.com.