What We Provide

We provide several short film programs specifically geared toward different types of audiences and venues, all of which encompass the greater themes and mission of Wandering Reel. The programs include two sets of films geared toward small communities hungry to engage in greater world issues, one program arranged specifically for film students and student activists of all majors of study, an art film program and a classic shorts program. We also offer a hodge-podge of eclectic films selected from each program (Curator’s Choice), geared toward a broader audience. Host venues are welcome to choose one program for a single night event or all of our programs for a weekend long screening series. A two night showcase or and afternoon/evening showcase is also available.


In addition to the film programs, our curator provides written artistic statements from the filmmakers that will be included in our event program. In place of, and sometimes in addition to the filmmakers, the curator will lead a discussion after the screening to help engage the audience, deepen their understanding of the films and the filmmaker’s intent, gauge their enthusiasm for the films and connect the ideas, images and themes of the films to the real life community. In some instances, the filmmakers themselves will be available to attend screenings and lead these discussions. Live, projected Skype conversations with filmmakers from abroad may also be available for some screenings.