What We Provide

Each year, beginning in the fall, we provide several different Short Film Programs specifically designed to engage different types of audiences and interests, all of which encompass the greater themes and mission of the Wandering Reel. The programs are geared toward small communities hungry to engage in larger world issues. Host venues are welcome to choose one program for a single night event or all of our programs for a weekend long screening series. A two night showcase or and afternoon/evening showcase is also available, depending on what works best for the host. We generally reserve weekends during our tour for venues/communities that wish to showcase all of our programs in a festive gathering of film-going, art, discussion and community engagement.

In place of, and sometimes in addition to the filmmakers, our curator will lead a discussion after each screening to better engage the audience, deepen their understanding of the films and the filmmaker’s intent and connect the ideas, images and themes of the films to the striving, real life communities in which we're visiting. In some instances, the filmmakers themselves will be available to attend screenings and lead these discussions. Live, projected Skype conversations with filmmakers from abroad may also be available for certain screenings.

Programming For Schools

We program specifically for schools and film centers that teach cinema. Our curator & programming committee create a custom program specifically designed to serve students attending middle school, high school, community college and universities alike. We can present films during regular school hours/class times or as a pre-arranged special screening time as desired by the school administrator or professor. Screenings will be followed by a Q&A discussion with the students and our curator. When possible, program administrators or professors are encouraged to invite students of all subjects to attend screenings, as the content of the films tend to appeal to a wide range of majors and student interests.

Further inquiries about our programming for schools can be directed to our curator, Michael Harrington at michael@wanderingreel.org.